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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Assalamualaikum and Hello! :)
It is rainy, cold, wet New Year's Eve here in Johor Bahru.
How time flies, 2013 has come to the end. Nothing much has changed to me, still at the same height, still at the same number at weight scale sigh sigh sigh :D
But it's ok, 2013 is a happy year for me. I started working on April, less than three months after graduated. And I bought a car less than a month after started working. Crazy.
Engaged in a long distance relationship too, which is very challenging especially for me - a very hormonal creature. But after all, this relationship has teach me a lot of things - things that I never really exposed to, kinda.
For example : It feels good to know that your presence is appreciated :)
Andddd to cherish every moment we had *double smiley*
I definitely will read back this post in future. So I will list down here things that I should remember, forever.
1. First time drinking mocktails at Avillion Admiral Cove. Mine was Virgin Pina Colada. Me likey likey.
2. First time swiping my credit card. I was so nervous that time.
3. Screaming like mad in Pirate Ship with Hizami. Our face was like knknkjlenkfcneijrh.
4. That water slide game. I was super afraid of water but at the same time I was very excited and curious too about how it feels like.
5. Pastry with chocolate fillings that Hizami bought for me after my interview with Hong Leong Assurance. Very appreciated. Heavenly.
6. IPhone5 from ayah :)
7. Total awkward-ness at The Ship, Bukit Bintang. First time tu.
8. First time went inside Alexis. Last time was waiting outside with housemate girlfriends.
9. Adik bought Dove Dark Chocolate for me :)
10. Tight hugs from nenek everytime she's here at home.
11. First time seeing my article that I wrote published in company's newsletter. It was priceless.
12. Doing manicure when I was super sad and down at AEON Bukit Indah. I forgot what makes me sad but after my nails was done, I'm back!
13. Picking one cute raccoon plush toy at Tambun Petting Zoo and put on Snails's dashboard.
14. Met his family for the first time.
15. First time at Humble Chef.
16. Slow walk with Hizami at Desa Park City. *and his few attempts to held my hand but did not succeed*
17. Watching Istanbul Aku Datang at E Curve.
18. Kalashini is my forever sweet little girl.
19. That excited scream when I finally managed to fit into my one size small dress.
20. Discovered how much I love doing squats.
21. Need to pee now, update again later. Bye bye!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Time Well Spent 2

Assalamualaikum ;)
Hizami was here last week. For the whole week. And I was so happy :)
We were on our way to Puteri Harbour when we discovered this one place, which is very cool.
Kampung Sungai Melayu, Nusajaya.
The people was super warm and friendly they treat us like family but unfortunately I felt a bit awkward since I was wearing short shorts with blouse. Short shorts and Malay village is a no-no.
Next time I will keep one modest comme il faut long pants in my car so this won't happen again in future.
So, the seafood there was good. And cheap. One medium sized siakap masak tiga rasa, kangkung goreng belacan, sotong goreng tepung, nasi putih, and of course, drinks for two = RM30.
Happy tummy! :D
Later we went to Puteri Harbour and met his old friend. Sounds like a very perfect day ain't it?
Told ya, I'm a fat girl who love creme brulee and frappuccino :)
But no cakes time, since I was still super full.
 2013 is the Year of Selfie. Mari meriahkannya.
My humble effort of middle-parting my hair.
(actually it should be - my humble effort in hiding my fat cheeks.)
My fringe has reach to its annoying length. Long enough that they cover my eyes but halfway through that they could reach my chin and cover my cheeks hehe.
2014 is coming closer. Where shall we go and celebrate?

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Assalamualaikum :)
"Sebenarnya, tiada siapa pun yang faham dengan kita, malah, diri kita sendiri pun tak faham diri sendiri. Yang faham, hanyalah Allah swt"
That two phrases keep on playing in my mind since last night.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Hobby

Assalamualaikum :) and Hello!
At first I'd like to make today as Rest Day since I have been working out every single day without failed.
But after I settled down my credit card payment this evening, I end up going to the gym.
Again :D
No intense cardio, just some weight lifting.
I still can feel my muscle sore due to yesterday's leg day.

Enjoying Friday night, the introvert way I guess.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Small, unexpected things are always the sweetest.
Thank you :)


Assalamualaikum :)
Woke up this morning with muscle sore all over my body. It's quite hard for me to lift my hands up but somehow I do love how it feels. I think, my current obsession would be Nikes and treadmill.
No more high heels and bodycon, atleast for this time being :D
I'm a happy girl!

Pesan Pesan

Assalamualaikum :)
Ayah selalu tekankan nilai kebaikan. Buat baik kepada semua tanpa mengharap sebarang balasan.
Kita kutip duri dari jalanan bukan saja sebab takut duri tu akan lukakan kita, tapi untuk orang lain yang berjalan di belakang kita juga.
Mungkin tiada siapa yang akan berterima kasih atas apa yang kita lakukan, tapi itu tidak mengurangkan walau sedikit pun erti kebaikan.
Apa kata kita terus berbuat baik kepada semua, bukan hanya terikat dengan memberi bantuan, tapi dengan cara memberi pujian pun, akan menggembirakan hati orang.
Kebaikan yang dibuat itu tak perlu ditayang atau diceritakan pada sesiapa.
Biarkan diri terus ikhlas, memberi dengan tangan disorok, dan biarkan hati terus bebas daripada perasaan berjasa.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Saja Update

So here comes December. December has been my second favorite month, next to March since like, forever :)
I love December mainly because it is winter at the northern atmosphere and I love winter stuffs especially Christmas tree and its decoration.
But when it is snowy up there, it is slightly cold here at the equator -
I mean, rainy season which leads to downpour.
And this year's flood could be the most tragic ever I guess.
So many people affected at the East Peninsular - they have to leave their house and move to the temporary shelter, with those little kids and babies, with lacking of alimentations, plus, school session is about to start in just a few weeks;
this is one great ultimatum for the people.
This is the right time for us to show that we care. If we could help the Indonesians during the earthquake and tsunami, of course we can do more here, in our own land.
Since the flood victims are in need, many of us made donations either financially or in material form. Both government bodies and the NGOs have played a good job in helping those needy hands.
But it could be greater if this help is not politicized.
A help is a help. A help should not come together with hidden agenda.
I'm not going to say much about this.
So, another reason why I love December is - Year End Sale
This year is my very first year as a working adult. And this year, too, I bought my very first car with my very own money.
Plus, this year, too, I involved in an accident which caused me to spend quite a lot on cab since I have no other car to go to work. What else?
Spending cash on this and that, on family, on travelling, on whatever it could be -
end up I have no savings for my own shopping splurge.
Very dreadful isn’t it?
JPO. Very close to my house. Very close until I can shop there every day; yes that close.
The only issue is ka-chingg :D
Talking about money, starting from this coming January, I have to manage my financial very carefully. Something big is about to happen next year and I have to be very independent to make it a success.
I hope, after five months from now I would read this post again to remind me how passionate I am right now and don’t give up because I want it to happen - so much.
Other than financial preparation, I need to lose weight too bhahah. Yes I’m a fatty who loves creme brulee and Frappuccino.
Thank God I have a very supportive boyfriend who encourage me to sign up membership with the nearest gym that I have here, very contradict to my mom who says tak payahla pegi pegi gym nanti sakit itu lah sakit ini lah - mama, my abdominal fats are very obvious I need to do something.
I love to run. I always do. I always love cardio activities, especially walking around shopping mall with shopping bags as the 'load' for my biceps and triceps. Very good exercise.
But somehow, I think I made a mistake when I exercise. Usually I went to the gym after having lunch at home, then running on treadmill and sweating and feel tired and happy because I think I have burn my fats. But actually I’m not. It is the glycogen that I am using, not my fat.
Glycogen is the main energy source for our body. When the glycogen is insufficient, then only our body burns our fats.
So, in order to burn fats, it is best to do workout in the morning - right after we wake up.
I have to start all over again.
Let's just hope every thing that we have planned will work well, InsyaAllah.
My 2014 resolution would be - getting married :)
Kita kembali ke Angkasapuri.

Thursday, December 5, 2013



Lately selalu update guna Dayre. Senang lagi mudah. Tak payah on laptop pun. Semua guna phone.

Sebab tu betri phone cepat je habis :)



Lately selalu update guna Dayre. Senang lagi mudah. Tak payah on laptop pun. Semua guna phone.

Sebab tu betri phone cepat je habis :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bersabar dan Bersyukur

Hari ni macam biasa, bangun pukul 6 pagi - check Facebook, solat Subuh, check Instagram,
 mandi, bersiap pergi kerja. Ke Pontian hari ni.
Driving 40 minit sebab saja nak layan udara pagi yang tak bersih sangat tu.
Tapi ok la kalau nak compare dengan udara pagi kat highway Pasir Gudang.
Sampai depan farmasi, rilek dulu layan Youtube sedas dua.
Ulang ulang lagu Yuna sebab lirik dia sangat girl power acah-acah I Will Survive.
Girl power sangat.
Masuk farmasi, set up machine dan kerja. Seronok hari ni sebab ada Susan.
Asik gelak je keja. Ni keja gelak ke kerja check orang ni.
Entah. Tapi best.
Tak terasa pun dah habis session tu.
Lepas tu rasa macam nak makan wafer coklat dengan peanut butter.
So jalan kaki pergi kedai-kedai kat sana nak beli wafer. Sekali kena tunggu 15 minit pulak sebab ramai orang nak beli wafer.
Saya macam, hmm ok lah.
Dalam hati dah merungut; cuaca panas terik nak kena tunggu 15 minit.
Mula-mula nak tunggu tapi last last give up sebab panas sangat cuaca kat luar rasa macam pedih je kulit ni.
Pastu lari masuk dalam kereta.
Buka aircond kuat-kuat.

Sambil driving, otak ni fikir wafer je. Macam tu la Hanis. Selagi tak dapat.
Pujuk-pujuk hati cakap takpela petang nanti kita keluar lagi pergi beli wafer kat U Mall.
Pun tak jalan jugak.
Bila sampai kat trafic light Pekan Nenas, tiba-tiba hati tergerak nak belok kanan, singgah Econsave sebab kat sana pun ada orang jual wafer.
So, happy ending lah.
Lepas makan wafer, rasa haus pulak. Masa tu dalam kereta, driving dari Pekan Nenas nak balik Pulai Indah.
 Entah apehal cuaca panas terik siang tadi, dah la pakai tshirt short sleeve je ni. Pegang stering kereta pulak tu.
Habis gelap la tangan I.
Cari-cari sweater, pakai masa drive sebab taknak kulit tangan bertambah gelap.
Sambil uishh panasnya panasnya.
Hmm. Hanis.
Bila dah masuk simpang Pulai Indah, ternampak pakcik jual cendol tu ada kat tepi jalan.
Memang dia selalu jual cendol kat situ. Mula-mula dah lalu depan dia, lepas tu rasa macam iskk tak boleh jadi, nak cendol lah.
Panas panas macam ni kalau dapat minum cendol bestnya. Niat nak beli sebungkus je.
So, buat u turn kat guard post, turun balik pergi trafic light depan sekolah dan berhenti tepi jalan.

Betul betul kat sebelah pondok jual cendol pakcik tu.
Sebelum keluar kereta, saya tanggalkan sweater tu. Terik betul matahari.
Kalau tak tanggal sweater nanti kat luar berpanas pulak. Jalan sikit pergi pondok cendol pakcik.
Dari jauh dia dah senyum. Lawa number plat kereta, katanya. JPJ.
Saya senyum je lepas tu tergelak.
Teringat masa mula-mula dapat kereta, saya rasa malu sebab huruf JPJ tu macam malu jek.

Tak sangka ada yang cakap lawa.
Pakcik cendol cakap, kat Pulai Indah ni ada satu je kereta huruf depan plat dia JPJ.
Lepas tu dia berhenti sekejap, dia cakap eh hari tu ada jugak kereta macam ni plat JPJ.
Kamu dengan suami kamu ke? Saya gelak lagi. Saya cakap, bukanla pakcik, tu adik saya.
Ye memang pernah beli pun sebelum ni, tapi saya tunggu dalam kereta je. Suruh adik keluar pergi beli sebab saya malas.
Saya cakap dengan pakcik tu saya nak cendol sebungkus. Harganya dua ringgit je.
Sambil pakcik tu cedukkan cendol, gula melaka dengan santan, saya gosok-gosok lengan sebab perit terkena bahang.
Tiba-tiba terfikir, ni baru sekejap kena panas. Pakcik ni lagi kesian. Entah dari pukul berapa dia duduk kat pondok ni jual cendol.
Panas-panas macam ni. Tahan pulak dia.
Tunggu berjam-jam demi dua ringgit sebungkus. 
Tak ada pun dia merungut cuaca panas.
Pakcik tuang ais dalam plastik cendol tu. Dia cakap, number plat WWW1 yang Sultan Johor punya tu lagi mahal. 500ribu.
Saya cakap, buat apa nak mahal-mahal pakcik. 500 ribu tu kita boleh beli rumah dah.
Sambil senyum. Pakcik cakap, itu lah dia, 500ribu letak kat nombor buat apa kan.
Diorang boleh la, tidur atas duit.
Kita yang biasa-biasa ni bangun subuh-subuh tidur jauh malam sebab nak cari duit. 
Saya terdiam.
Terfikir lagi, pakcik duduk bawah panas terik macam ni, untuk cendol sebungkus dua ringgit.
Berapa orang je yang singgah beli. Kalau macam saya ni, nak beli sebungkus je.
 Macam tak berbaloi pakcik tunggu lama-lama kat situ.
Atas meja dia ada radio kecil, main lagu lama.
Agaknya tu jelah penghibur hati dia masa cari rezeki.
Saya ni, dah kira beruntung tak payah kerja bawah panas terik. Atau hujan lebat.
Panas sikit pun nak merugut. Tunggu wafer 15minit pun tak larat.
Pakcik ni tunggu berjam-jam kat bawah panas tapi tak merungut pun. Muka happy je.
Siap boleh berbual lagi. Kalau saya, mesti dah tak larat nak bual.
Entah-entah, ceduk cendol pun sambil duduk sebab tak larat nak berdiri.
Masa pakcik nak masukkan cendol sebungkus dalam plastik, saya cakap, pakcik, nak tambah cendol dua bungkus lagi.
Harap-harap pakcik tu murah rezeki dia.
Harap-harap attitude dia boleh sedarkan orang lain yang ada lagi orang yang lebih susah dari kita. Tapi tak mengeluh pun.
Itu pengajaran dalam cuaca panas terik siang tadi.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nah Update Dah!

Hello !
Sempena Hari Deepavali ni, saya update blog saya. Tanniya Hanis!
Semenjak dua menjak ni, selalu je mimpi pelik pelik. Nak kata sebab tak basuh kaki sebelum tidur, tak juga. I siap scrub kaki lagi taw kelas tak kelas.
Eh eh tipu.
Dua malam lepas, mimpikan Hizami keluar dating dengan perempuan lain. Emo betul masa tu. Bila terjaga rasa macam nak marah orang je. Tapi nasib baik cepat terlelap balik, so tak jadi nak emo emo. Agak-agak, kalau dah kawin nanti dapat mimpi macam tu, tak pasal-pasal my husband kena cekik. Isk. Scary.
Cuba kira berapa kali saya ulang perkataan emo.
Salah. Empat.
Malam semalam mimpi Hizami lagi. Kali ni mimpi jam tangan yang dia bagi for my birthday tu kena curi. Mungkin petanda Hizami kena belikan jam baru hikhok. Sayang oi jam tu warna yellow my fav. Boleh pulak pencuri tu si Ain, budak bisness kat MSU. So dalam mimpi tu saya beriya mintak balik jam tu dari Ain tapi Ain cakap jam tu dia punya. Ceh, aku nampak ko amek jam tu la Ain. Dalam mimpi la. Siap suruh Ain bagi bukti yang jam tu dia punya lagi. Siap tunjuk box asal jam tu lagi konon-konon akulah pemilik jam ittew. Tapi Ain tetap taknak pulangkan. Nangis dah masa tu.
Sekali terjaga, betul-betul nangis daaaa..~
Buka mata je tengok jam tu ada kat tepi bantal. Terus pegang dan peluk sampai ke pagi.
Sweet kan kan?
Itulah kisah Deepavali saya.
Moral of the story, nak tidur baca doa tidur.
Bukan doa makan.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Dear Darlin'

Been listening to this over and over again.


Seriously tak ada mood. PMS now. Bleaghh! Arghhh! Have to go to Melaka this Sunday until Tuesday. Bahau on Wednesday. Gemas on Thursday. Seremban on Friday.
Saturday got roadshow at Sutera.
Whyyyyy soo hectic lah.
Harap tak menjejaskan kandungan.
Kandungan gula dalam darah.
1. Coconut is under repairing process. Hopefully doesn't take more than a month, starting from now. I have major depression since Coconut went away.
Please come back home as soon as possible dear Coco.
2. Pakcik teksi said, once the car dah accident, better tukar kereta lain je. Otherwise there will be more problem in future.
 I was like - bak datang 90ribu, nak beli Suprima S.
3. My coullege also told me the same. Better go for new car. Ditch Coco. Aigo.
4. Eh why am I continously blabla-ing about Coco until 4th point now?
5. I am upset with my mom. I don't know what has possessed her till she has the heart to say all heart breaking stuffs and came up with ridiculous amount for duit hantaran wtf.
Is there something that menopausal thingy got to do with logical thinking?
6. Somehow I feel like I am totally deserted in this house.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hello :) 

I have to admit that I used to try wearing hijab. Few attempts but doesn't succeeded. Well atleast I put an effort on it. 

I used to push myself so hard, saying I should act like all my hijabis friends at the campus. But none of my trials really work. I end up being free- haired again. 

When I look back at the damage I've done, actually I just put all the hijabis dignity at disgrace. Then I promised to myself, if I'm about to wear hijab again, it will be the most sincere and istiqamah. 
No pakai tudung bukak tudung sesuka hati kau. 

People can say anything. With this new Facebook trend we called "ustaz ustazah facebook" who are kind enough to give nasihat to the non hijabis, thank you so much. 

One thing that makes me wonder is, when average looking girl with no hijab or artis suam kuku upload her photo on her own timeline, there you go- here comes ustaz ustazah facebook saying she should wear hijab, added with dalil dalil lagi. 
Yang lelaki pun sebok juga berpesan pada kebaikan, alhamdulillah. 
Tapi diselit juga dengan sarcasm and rude words. So sad. 

But when it comes to Neelofa or Emma Maembong or Kilafairy's instagram, those ustaz ustazah suddenly lose their kopiah and tasbih; saying lawanya rambut dia, slimnya badan dia, buat rambut kat mane tew, or some nasty comments like tetek besar or bontot mantap dafuq you seriously have to fix your split personality issue guys!

Moral of the story is, eh eh kita bukan ustazah so, ustazah dengan ustaz sekalian mesti boleh faham sendiri kan? 

Ps: As for me, I know where am I standing and I still trying to be a better person. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Time Well Spent

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri pepou! This blog is once again neglected because I was too busy dengan urusan duniawi gitu  with work. Actually I was in Shah Alam few days ago, for Hari Raya shopping with Mr Boyfie.

This is our first Raya together, as a couple :')

So, back to Shah Alam. I kinda miss that place, been there, stay there for four years, finally leaving after graduation and when I came back, nothing much has changed. 
Except for new Sunway tower next to Concorde Shah Alam.
Which I don't really care.

 Well sayang, I was shocked too when I saw all that kontot kontot cars on the middle of this photo. 
Thanks to my shaky hands. 
Panorama went wrong.

In case you forget my face, ehem. Haha. 

Puasa dah sebulan. Kerja dah tiga bulan. Tapi pipi masih gemok juga. 

I guess I am destined to be fat forever. 

Fat, forever?
That sexy bread pudding with vanilla sauce taste so good I can finish it all by myself. 
No sharing sharing.

Nak lagi! 

Happy boy with his favorite rosti and new baju melayu and new jeans and new shirts and new belts and new eh eh eh. Brand new everything :D

I had fun while shopping with boyfie. Well, I can say, time well spent. Managed to watch Pacific Rim lagi tu. I love that movie but I wish not so many good people would die while fighting ugly kaiju. I have an idea which no one would care : they should provide more powerful sword for the Jaeger since tembak dengan bom pun kaiju tak mati. Just chop the kaijus till die then settle. 

Eh apsal emo ni?

Matchy matchy outfit as I always wanted. Matching tee and matching handphone colour too yeayy!

Thank you boyfie. 

Ps : I rebond my hair. Now my hair is as straight as PLUS highway heading south. No more rambut wild and free.

Pss : My Converse is shou comfy I can walked around Sunway Pyramid and Curve and Citta Mall without sakit kaki. 
I love sneakers!

Monday, July 22, 2013

I Assassin My Coco

Joe buat muka gedik juga :)

Sometimes I talk to Joe and HanChee, asking them to pray for me and my parents because some said animals always pray for their owner. 

Well I guess, I have to talk to Him directly and ask from Him even more now. 
There must be something really bad that I did before, and now here comes the punishment. 
No I don't believe in karma things.
Buat baik dibalas baik, buat jahat dibalas jahat. But what if a sinner really repent, taubat nasuha, pledged not to do the same absurdity again? Will karma punish him eventho he repent?

I'd love to use this term - UJIAN.
Through this concept, orang baik yang berbuat baik tak semestinya dibalas baik di dunia. Tapi pasti dibalas baik di akhirat. Orang baik yang berbuat baik tak semestinya tidak diuji. Biar menderita pun, kalau dia lulus ujian yang Dia beri, tetap akan dapat ganjarannya nanti.

See, Hanis dah matured. Dah boleh kawin. 
I just hope I can get my car back, in perfect condition. Poor Coconut.
She sacrifice herself to safe my life.
 I miss you Coco :'(


Be Strong, Hanis!

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

July 18th was tragic. I couldn't believe this just happened to me. Among all other people, why should be me? 

I thought I am a criminal. Or maybe a murderer. I can't believe my own eyes when I saw an old lady trapped at the 4WD door, her body shaking, with blood everywhere. 

The only thing that play in my mind during that period of time was - I killed people.


Syukur alhamdulillah, after a few days, I gain myself back. Still traumatic, but I guess that is something that I have to fight so, be strong, Hanis!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Twenty Five and Married

Assalamualaikum :)
That used to be my dream. Pie in the sky. To get married at 25 because 26 and above is considered as lambat kahwin. But now, I am 25 and there are no signs of getting married at this moment yet ie wedding preparations or cerahkan kulit enam bulan before your big day endeavor. Meh.

But people say everything happened for a reason. And I can see what are the reasons now.
First, I managed to build my career first before I get married. Yea Hanis wants to be that She-Got-Her-Own girl.
Second, I have the chance to go to places that I have never been. Atleast now I know where to find cheap, beautiful roses, with a lot of colour variety in JB. Do you? Muehehee~
Third, I got time for myself. I gratify myself a lot at this moment. Whenever I feel like shopping or window shopping or feel like having a cup of my favourite frap, I just go.
Fourth, more time with ze family. More 'cabut uban' session. More 'bercerita' session.
And the best part, I knew someone better. And he, always make me feel over head and ears in love *how sweet is that* :')
Kita kembali ke Angkasapuri.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Le Coconut

Assalamualaikum and hello!

When I was driving from JB to Muar yesterday, I have a feeling Coconut  was like running on the road sambil tabur bunga. Haha. Happy betul Coconut. 

And me, too :')

* * * 

By the way, Coconut a nickname for my car. 

Friday, July 12, 2013


Assalamualaikum :)


I'm running into you. 

Zam Hizami bin Ahmad Khudri.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random PotPet

Assalamualaikum :)
So, minggu ni takde roadshow. Just stay home preparing three articles for the company newsletter. But recently I didn't feel like writing anything serious like function of calcium to our body and what are probiotics.
Mainly because, I am too busy searching for fashion coordinate :3
First of all, I want to buy something similar that my boyfie wears. Maybe, same shirt, same slippers, same watches or atleast, similar colour. So that we can go out together wearing cute couple shirt or cute pink colour polo or cute matchy matchy shorts (for him) and skirt (for me) you know, fefeeling juvenile.
Isn't it cute?
Maybe boyfie would disagree, but I don't care. I love him so much that I knew wearing similar coordinates will make us looks - shouuu kiut!
Andddd my July wish list includes 3/4 pants, shorts, boat shoes or maybe high cut shoes, Ruby Woo, and lots and lotss of shirts.

Plus, handbags.

Oh, how bout baju raya?
Maybe I'm going to reuse my old baju raya. Muehehe. Since I don't think I'm going to wear baju kurung that frequent in the future *dah habis belajar tak payah pergi kelas lagi* so, that particular amount of money can be use to buy a pair of Converse, maybe? 
I don't understand why some girls would buy 3 or 4 or even 5 baju raya; unless they really go out everyday visiting family and friends but for indoor-raya-person like me, I would gegoleks on the couch in my shorts and big tee watching raya movies and makan kuih bangkit sagu.
That's all.

Selamat berbuka!
Hanis is going to turn into one lazy fat hammie after berbuka which is not a good example for everyone.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


''If i could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile, 
the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.''


Assalamualaikum and hello :)

Today is the first day of Ramadhan and I have the chance to be with my family this year syukran syukran. Well, being away from home during Ramadhan is so not cool anyway and that happened to me throughout my study years. 

So, this year is coolioo~

Have a blessed Ramadhan, people!
 No hatred. 
Talk more to the Creator. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tangkap Atas

This is one neglected bloggie!! 

I can't believe the very last post in this blog was about 3 months ago aigoo! Where goes my blogging spirit? 

Ok quick update.

1. I am super busy this month. Especially during this couple of week. Outstations and roadshows line up like there is no end. Imagine working non stop in two weeks, everyday at different places. Very tiring but Hanis didn't show any sign of losing her weight, yet. Muehehe :D

2. I have my own ride. My car mileage is now 6135km in just 2 months. 

3. I found out that I am allergic to eggs. Yeah. Too much protein is no good for your skin.

4. Mama discover that Joe and HanChee refuse to eat cheap cucumber sold in bulk. They prefer the fresh one. Memilih!

5. I didn't go to Floria Putrajaya this year which is quite odd for Hanis since she never skipped the event before. 

6. I'm learning Mandarin now. Managed to learn few basic phrases such as what is your name how old are you I'm hungry You're stupid I hate you and all those cursing words so that I know if someone is cursing me. No lah. 

7. It is now 10pm and I have to wake up at 5am to go to Ulu Tiram tomorrow so I better sleep now.

8. Goodnight! By the way, in case if you forget my face :3

Purposely put this photo with cute Joe to add extra ummphh lol. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Is Sweet

Friday, April 19, 2013

Disagreeing Hanis Is Disagree

Instead of doing research on barley, I end up reading craps on the internet.

One of them was - Why Long Distance Relationships Are a Terrible Idea. 

"If you can see your lover at least once a week, then I can still understand keeping them around. When going into a relationship, we must go into it with a purpose. Ask yourself not only why you are dating this person, but why you are dating at all. What do you want out of the relationship? Where do you ultimately want things to go? It’s okay to say that you just want to see where things will go, but only if the person lives on the same continent.

Seeing where things will go with a person that lives in the same city is one thing; seeing where things will go with a person that lives a plane flight away is a whole other. A relationship’s development over a distance is sluggish if not entirely stagnant.

If you are seriously dating someone because you want to spend time with them…then a long-distance relationship is not the right choice. If you are dating because you want sex… then a long-distance relationship is not the right choice.

If you are dating because you want to find the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with…then a long-distance relationship is not the right choice; sooner or later you will need to see each other weekly in order for anything serious to develop. However, if you are in a long-distance relationship with someone because you love them, then I’m sorry my friend; you are screwed.

The one and only excuse that I will accept for being in a long-distance relationship is being in love. When you fall for someone, the choice of whether or not you ought to be dating someone essentially evaporates. If you love a person, then not being able to at the very least talk to them regularly will be more painful than the possibility of a breakup." - Hudson.

This article gave me something to think about. Because I totally go against all his points. 

Hanis Has A Mission

Halu Halu!

I told my boyfriend before, to have a Ruby Woo is one of major milestone that I am aiming for. Still.
Even though Ruby Woo is just a matte red lipstick, but for me, to have the courage to walk in M.A.C boutique and to face all those super glamorous pretty faces of the beautician; that is one huge
challenge that I need to overcome. 

I should tell you, I'm afraid of beautiful girls.
Standing next to, or even to see pretty girls could make my self esteem drop to the floor literally. 

But that's not what this entry is all about.
Because, the real milestone that I am about to mark is, I'M GOING TO BUY MY VERY FIRST CAR.

Yippie yeayy! 

I know I know I know, I just started working less than a month *to be precise, two weeks*
but this is something that I have think about for atleast couple of months.
I have been looking for cars, doing comparison between few cars that I fancy of, calculating monthly installment, fuel consumption, maintenance et cetera et cetera.
But then, I just keep it to myself, I did not even discuss this with my parents nor my boyfie.
Because I 100% trust our old family car and I thought I could use that care for travelling purposes going here and there.

Until one day, the car broke off. 

Anddd from that day I knew the car is now too old for long distance travelling, got oil leaking some more *now problem fixed*,
I should not being too dependent towards the car since the others also need to use it
*especially to take mama and nenek out*,
long story short - I should not be self-centered lah! 
Family car IS family car, get your own car la so the others won't stuck at home because got no transport to go out. 

Ke yi meh?

InsyaAllah boleh. 

So, last Sunday me and my parents went out for casual Sunday walk and makan-makan and shopping barang dapur.
Suddenly the idea of visiting Proton Edar showroom pop out from mama's head. 
To be honest, I don't feel excited at all about the idea. 
I felt like - mehhhh kalau TERsuka nanti macam mana? Mehhhh takde duit lagi. 
Mehhhhh ok jom pergi.

We went to Edaran Sri Sutera Otomobil at Skudai, close to Skudai Parade. No other customer during that time, just the three of us. 
The very first car that caught my eyes was red Saga FLX SE. I was like - hello gorgeous what are you doing here wanna go home with meeeee?? 
Then I saw silver Proton Inspira at the back and I was like - boyfie love this car should I take this car and share with boyfie laterrr?? 

Meanwhile, mama too busy with Exora Bold. 

Then, a glimpse of blue car attract me like magnet. Jeng jeng jeng. 
I fall in love, like love in first sight. Up until today, I still thinking of ze car. 
His name is Preve. Come with 73k price tag. 

Haaa.. kan dah TERsuka.

To be continued
Kita kembali ke Angkasapuri.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

She Works Too

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

I just started working with BiO-LiFE last week and have been joining them for roadshows around JB area. It was fun tho. 

As a Customer Health Advisor, I am responsible to do checkups and tests to the people. I met a lot of people, mainly the elders who concern about their health. I'm happy to share my knowledge to them, give them health advice, nutritional advice and I do hope I could gain more knowledge so that I can share more with the people.

Why am I sounds so angelic?

By the way, I don't have much to type. So freaking tired after big event in Kluang, I reached home at 10.30pm and feels like sleeping at the door since I'm too tired to walk upstairs to bed.

By the way, his probably the worst lasagna I ever eat. Somewhere in Taman Molek, Johor Bahru. One slice of just-out-of-the-fridge cold instant lasagna; put on top of pasta slice and covered with weird cheese.

I gently hit the chicken fillings using my fork and all I heard was cracking sound of the ice I was like fuuu what is this sssshhhh??!

Then I asked the restaurant staff to heat the lasagna for me but my colleague was so mad she directly scold the staff and did not stop complaining about how poor the food service was until the chef went out and personally apologize to me. 

Sigh. Although they did not put any charges for my lasagna, I still feel upset till today. Niamah.

Lasagna is one of my most favorite food btw.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Everything For Hanis


Undecided. I'm still thinking either to publish this blog to public or just keep this to myself since one of my photo *maybe from Facebook* has been stolen and someone create Fuckbook account by using the photo ftw. 

By the way, I am now 25 years young and still wrinkle-free yeayy! This year's birthday was very special, wayyy special than before. Thank you boyfie for the birthday treat.
I love you to bits!

Boyfie took me out for birthday dinner at this place. Subak Restaurant, Bukit Lanjan. The place is quite secluded, with tranquil atmosphere, in a lush greenery. 

Love the place, boyfie :)

And le food!

 Birthday girl's salmon fish is yummeh! 
Shaky picture : Birthday girl got shaky hands due to over excitement.

 Boyfie's sirloin steak.

I ordered green tea that night and I thought it is purely green tea but then I got green tea plus jasmine. 
I hate jasmine flavor but thank god the jasmine scent was not too strong. 

 One of their staff took this photo of us. Thank you!

 Happy boy is happy.

Boyf's favorite - Tiramisu cake.

 Sweet, tall and pretty come let mama bite yah. 

 Oh, my killer heels almost kill me. I got small blister on my left feet but we all know that beauty is pain. Somehow, I don't think I would wear that heels anymore. 

Hunt for new shoes, maybe?

Nasib baik tak jatuh tergolek.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm In Between

Assalamualaikum and hello!

I was alone at Johor Premium Outlet Starbucks when suddenly BioLife called me on the phone and offer me to join the company. 
I was like - WHATT?? YOU GUYS REALLY WANT TO HIRE MEEE?? *fainted* 

Over sangat.

So I'll start working with BioLife on the 2nd of April which falls on Tuesday. Why Tuesday? 
I requested to start on Tuesday so that I can have extra time with my boyfie this upcoming weekend. 

I miss you Boyfie!

Selfish pose

But ayah doesn't seem so happy about the job offer. Sigh.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Tiny Achievement


One of my 2013 resolution is to read as many books as I can and it looks like I reached the target quite well but at the same time I'm getting tired of this. 

Enough of this tai tai life *even though I'm not married yet*.

Any longer I can feel my brain melting into putty.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This Is Funny

Dear IT Support,

Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a slow down in the overall performance, particularly in the flower, gifts and jewellery applications that had operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0.

In addition, Husband 1.0 un-installed many other valuable programs, such as Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6.5, but installed undesirable programs such as Formula One 5.0, NBA 3.0 and World Cup 2.0.

And now Conversation 8.0 no longer runs and House Cleaning 2.6 simply crashes the system. I've tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix these problems, but to no avail.

What can I do?

Desperate Housewife

Dear Desperate Housewife,

First keep in mind:
Boy friend 5.0 is an entertainment package, while Husband 1.0 is an operating system.

Try entering the command C:\ I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME and download Tears 6.2 to install Guilt 3.0.

If all works as designed, Husband 1.0 should then automatically run the applications Jewellery 2.0 and Flowers 3.5.

But remember, overuse can cause Husband 1.0 to default to Grumpy Silence 2.5, Happy Hour 7.0 or Late Night Teh Tarik 6.1.

Late Night 6.1 is a very bad program that will create SnoringLoudly.wav files.

Whatever you do, DO NOT install Mother-in-Law 1.0 or reinstall another Boyfriend program. These are not supported applications and will crash Husband 1.0.

In summary, Husband 1.0 is a great program, but it does have a limited memory and cannot learn new applications quickly.

You might consider additional software to improve memory and performance. I personally recommend Hot Tasty Food 3.0 and Tongkat Ali 6.9.

Good Luck,
IT Support

My Skin Problem

Hey there!

So here comes another day.

This morning I managed to register this baby blog with Nuffnang (again), spend hours to figure out where should  I put the HTML codes, almost give up but finally I made it through.
I wonder why I can't put the ads HTML codes in Dymanic Views template. 
I have to change into Simple template then only I can find the right spot for the right coding. 
Tutorials doesn't help much.


Recently my self esteem drops super low thanks to this pimply skin. 
I don't know what cause this sudden acne attack but I must say this group of acne popping out at the most perfect time - when I  just started my relationship with boyfie AND during my graduation day. Thanks!

Most importantly I don't want to celebrate my birthday with zits all over my face. 
God please!

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