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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Is Sweet

Friday, April 19, 2013

Disagreeing Hanis Is Disagree

Instead of doing research on barley, I end up reading craps on the internet.

One of them was - Why Long Distance Relationships Are a Terrible Idea. 

"If you can see your lover at least once a week, then I can still understand keeping them around. When going into a relationship, we must go into it with a purpose. Ask yourself not only why you are dating this person, but why you are dating at all. What do you want out of the relationship? Where do you ultimately want things to go? It’s okay to say that you just want to see where things will go, but only if the person lives on the same continent.

Seeing where things will go with a person that lives in the same city is one thing; seeing where things will go with a person that lives a plane flight away is a whole other. A relationship’s development over a distance is sluggish if not entirely stagnant.

If you are seriously dating someone because you want to spend time with them…then a long-distance relationship is not the right choice. If you are dating because you want sex… then a long-distance relationship is not the right choice.

If you are dating because you want to find the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with…then a long-distance relationship is not the right choice; sooner or later you will need to see each other weekly in order for anything serious to develop. However, if you are in a long-distance relationship with someone because you love them, then I’m sorry my friend; you are screwed.

The one and only excuse that I will accept for being in a long-distance relationship is being in love. When you fall for someone, the choice of whether or not you ought to be dating someone essentially evaporates. If you love a person, then not being able to at the very least talk to them regularly will be more painful than the possibility of a breakup." - Hudson.

This article gave me something to think about. Because I totally go against all his points. 

Hanis Has A Mission

Halu Halu!

I told my boyfriend before, to have a Ruby Woo is one of major milestone that I am aiming for. Still.
Even though Ruby Woo is just a matte red lipstick, but for me, to have the courage to walk in M.A.C boutique and to face all those super glamorous pretty faces of the beautician; that is one huge
challenge that I need to overcome. 

I should tell you, I'm afraid of beautiful girls.
Standing next to, or even to see pretty girls could make my self esteem drop to the floor literally. 

But that's not what this entry is all about.
Because, the real milestone that I am about to mark is, I'M GOING TO BUY MY VERY FIRST CAR.

Yippie yeayy! 

I know I know I know, I just started working less than a month *to be precise, two weeks*
but this is something that I have think about for atleast couple of months.
I have been looking for cars, doing comparison between few cars that I fancy of, calculating monthly installment, fuel consumption, maintenance et cetera et cetera.
But then, I just keep it to myself, I did not even discuss this with my parents nor my boyfie.
Because I 100% trust our old family car and I thought I could use that care for travelling purposes going here and there.

Until one day, the car broke off. 

Anddd from that day I knew the car is now too old for long distance travelling, got oil leaking some more *now problem fixed*,
I should not being too dependent towards the car since the others also need to use it
*especially to take mama and nenek out*,
long story short - I should not be self-centered lah! 
Family car IS family car, get your own car la so the others won't stuck at home because got no transport to go out. 

Ke yi meh?

InsyaAllah boleh. 

So, last Sunday me and my parents went out for casual Sunday walk and makan-makan and shopping barang dapur.
Suddenly the idea of visiting Proton Edar showroom pop out from mama's head. 
To be honest, I don't feel excited at all about the idea. 
I felt like - mehhhh kalau TERsuka nanti macam mana? Mehhhh takde duit lagi. 
Mehhhhh ok jom pergi.

We went to Edaran Sri Sutera Otomobil at Skudai, close to Skudai Parade. No other customer during that time, just the three of us. 
The very first car that caught my eyes was red Saga FLX SE. I was like - hello gorgeous what are you doing here wanna go home with meeeee?? 
Then I saw silver Proton Inspira at the back and I was like - boyfie love this car should I take this car and share with boyfie laterrr?? 

Meanwhile, mama too busy with Exora Bold. 

Then, a glimpse of blue car attract me like magnet. Jeng jeng jeng. 
I fall in love, like love in first sight. Up until today, I still thinking of ze car. 
His name is Preve. Come with 73k price tag. 

Haaa.. kan dah TERsuka.

To be continued
Kita kembali ke Angkasapuri.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

She Works Too

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

I just started working with BiO-LiFE last week and have been joining them for roadshows around JB area. It was fun tho. 

As a Customer Health Advisor, I am responsible to do checkups and tests to the people. I met a lot of people, mainly the elders who concern about their health. I'm happy to share my knowledge to them, give them health advice, nutritional advice and I do hope I could gain more knowledge so that I can share more with the people.

Why am I sounds so angelic?

By the way, I don't have much to type. So freaking tired after big event in Kluang, I reached home at 10.30pm and feels like sleeping at the door since I'm too tired to walk upstairs to bed.

By the way, his probably the worst lasagna I ever eat. Somewhere in Taman Molek, Johor Bahru. One slice of just-out-of-the-fridge cold instant lasagna; put on top of pasta slice and covered with weird cheese.

I gently hit the chicken fillings using my fork and all I heard was cracking sound of the ice I was like fuuu what is this sssshhhh??!

Then I asked the restaurant staff to heat the lasagna for me but my colleague was so mad she directly scold the staff and did not stop complaining about how poor the food service was until the chef went out and personally apologize to me. 

Sigh. Although they did not put any charges for my lasagna, I still feel upset till today. Niamah.

Lasagna is one of my most favorite food btw.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Everything For Hanis


Undecided. I'm still thinking either to publish this blog to public or just keep this to myself since one of my photo *maybe from Facebook* has been stolen and someone create Fuckbook account by using the photo ftw. 

By the way, I am now 25 years young and still wrinkle-free yeayy! This year's birthday was very special, wayyy special than before. Thank you boyfie for the birthday treat.
I love you to bits!

Boyfie took me out for birthday dinner at this place. Subak Restaurant, Bukit Lanjan. The place is quite secluded, with tranquil atmosphere, in a lush greenery. 

Love the place, boyfie :)

And le food!

 Birthday girl's salmon fish is yummeh! 
Shaky picture : Birthday girl got shaky hands due to over excitement.

 Boyfie's sirloin steak.

I ordered green tea that night and I thought it is purely green tea but then I got green tea plus jasmine. 
I hate jasmine flavor but thank god the jasmine scent was not too strong. 

 One of their staff took this photo of us. Thank you!

 Happy boy is happy.

Boyf's favorite - Tiramisu cake.

 Sweet, tall and pretty come let mama bite yah. 

 Oh, my killer heels almost kill me. I got small blister on my left feet but we all know that beauty is pain. Somehow, I don't think I would wear that heels anymore. 

Hunt for new shoes, maybe?

Nasib baik tak jatuh tergolek.

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