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Friday, August 16, 2013

Dear Darlin'

Been listening to this over and over again.


Seriously tak ada mood. PMS now. Bleaghh! Arghhh! Have to go to Melaka this Sunday until Tuesday. Bahau on Wednesday. Gemas on Thursday. Seremban on Friday.
Saturday got roadshow at Sutera.
Whyyyyy soo hectic lah.
Harap tak menjejaskan kandungan.
Kandungan gula dalam darah.
1. Coconut is under repairing process. Hopefully doesn't take more than a month, starting from now. I have major depression since Coconut went away.
Please come back home as soon as possible dear Coco.
2. Pakcik teksi said, once the car dah accident, better tukar kereta lain je. Otherwise there will be more problem in future.
 I was like - bak datang 90ribu, nak beli Suprima S.
3. My coullege also told me the same. Better go for new car. Ditch Coco. Aigo.
4. Eh why am I continously blabla-ing about Coco until 4th point now?
5. I am upset with my mom. I don't know what has possessed her till she has the heart to say all heart breaking stuffs and came up with ridiculous amount for duit hantaran wtf.
Is there something that menopausal thingy got to do with logical thinking?
6. Somehow I feel like I am totally deserted in this house.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hello :) 

I have to admit that I used to try wearing hijab. Few attempts but doesn't succeeded. Well atleast I put an effort on it. 

I used to push myself so hard, saying I should act like all my hijabis friends at the campus. But none of my trials really work. I end up being free- haired again. 

When I look back at the damage I've done, actually I just put all the hijabis dignity at disgrace. Then I promised to myself, if I'm about to wear hijab again, it will be the most sincere and istiqamah. 
No pakai tudung bukak tudung sesuka hati kau. 

People can say anything. With this new Facebook trend we called "ustaz ustazah facebook" who are kind enough to give nasihat to the non hijabis, thank you so much. 

One thing that makes me wonder is, when average looking girl with no hijab or artis suam kuku upload her photo on her own timeline, there you go- here comes ustaz ustazah facebook saying she should wear hijab, added with dalil dalil lagi. 
Yang lelaki pun sebok juga berpesan pada kebaikan, alhamdulillah. 
Tapi diselit juga dengan sarcasm and rude words. So sad. 

But when it comes to Neelofa or Emma Maembong or Kilafairy's instagram, those ustaz ustazah suddenly lose their kopiah and tasbih; saying lawanya rambut dia, slimnya badan dia, buat rambut kat mane tew, or some nasty comments like tetek besar or bontot mantap dafuq you seriously have to fix your split personality issue guys!

Moral of the story is, eh eh kita bukan ustazah so, ustazah dengan ustaz sekalian mesti boleh faham sendiri kan? 

Ps: As for me, I know where am I standing and I still trying to be a better person. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Time Well Spent

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri pepou! This blog is once again neglected because I was too busy dengan urusan duniawi gitu  with work. Actually I was in Shah Alam few days ago, for Hari Raya shopping with Mr Boyfie.

This is our first Raya together, as a couple :')

So, back to Shah Alam. I kinda miss that place, been there, stay there for four years, finally leaving after graduation and when I came back, nothing much has changed. 
Except for new Sunway tower next to Concorde Shah Alam.
Which I don't really care.

 Well sayang, I was shocked too when I saw all that kontot kontot cars on the middle of this photo. 
Thanks to my shaky hands. 
Panorama went wrong.

In case you forget my face, ehem. Haha. 

Puasa dah sebulan. Kerja dah tiga bulan. Tapi pipi masih gemok juga. 

I guess I am destined to be fat forever. 

Fat, forever?
That sexy bread pudding with vanilla sauce taste so good I can finish it all by myself. 
No sharing sharing.

Nak lagi! 

Happy boy with his favorite rosti and new baju melayu and new jeans and new shirts and new belts and new eh eh eh. Brand new everything :D

I had fun while shopping with boyfie. Well, I can say, time well spent. Managed to watch Pacific Rim lagi tu. I love that movie but I wish not so many good people would die while fighting ugly kaiju. I have an idea which no one would care : they should provide more powerful sword for the Jaeger since tembak dengan bom pun kaiju tak mati. Just chop the kaijus till die then settle. 

Eh apsal emo ni?

Matchy matchy outfit as I always wanted. Matching tee and matching handphone colour too yeayy!

Thank you boyfie. 

Ps : I rebond my hair. Now my hair is as straight as PLUS highway heading south. No more rambut wild and free.

Pss : My Converse is shou comfy I can walked around Sunway Pyramid and Curve and Citta Mall without sakit kaki. 
I love sneakers!

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