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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Assalamualaikum and Hello! :)
It is rainy, cold, wet New Year's Eve here in Johor Bahru.
How time flies, 2013 has come to the end. Nothing much has changed to me, still at the same height, still at the same number at weight scale sigh sigh sigh :D
But it's ok, 2013 is a happy year for me. I started working on April, less than three months after graduated. And I bought a car less than a month after started working. Crazy.
Engaged in a long distance relationship too, which is very challenging especially for me - a very hormonal creature. But after all, this relationship has teach me a lot of things - things that I never really exposed to, kinda.
For example : It feels good to know that your presence is appreciated :)
Andddd to cherish every moment we had *double smiley*
I definitely will read back this post in future. So I will list down here things that I should remember, forever.
1. First time drinking mocktails at Avillion Admiral Cove. Mine was Virgin Pina Colada. Me likey likey.
2. First time swiping my credit card. I was so nervous that time.
3. Screaming like mad in Pirate Ship with Hizami. Our face was like knknkjlenkfcneijrh.
4. That water slide game. I was super afraid of water but at the same time I was very excited and curious too about how it feels like.
5. Pastry with chocolate fillings that Hizami bought for me after my interview with Hong Leong Assurance. Very appreciated. Heavenly.
6. IPhone5 from ayah :)
7. Total awkward-ness at The Ship, Bukit Bintang. First time tu.
8. First time went inside Alexis. Last time was waiting outside with housemate girlfriends.
9. Adik bought Dove Dark Chocolate for me :)
10. Tight hugs from nenek everytime she's here at home.
11. First time seeing my article that I wrote published in company's newsletter. It was priceless.
12. Doing manicure when I was super sad and down at AEON Bukit Indah. I forgot what makes me sad but after my nails was done, I'm back!
13. Picking one cute raccoon plush toy at Tambun Petting Zoo and put on Snails's dashboard.
14. Met his family for the first time.
15. First time at Humble Chef.
16. Slow walk with Hizami at Desa Park City. *and his few attempts to held my hand but did not succeed*
17. Watching Istanbul Aku Datang at E Curve.
18. Kalashini is my forever sweet little girl.
19. That excited scream when I finally managed to fit into my one size small dress.
20. Discovered how much I love doing squats.
21. Need to pee now, update again later. Bye bye!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Time Well Spent 2

Assalamualaikum ;)
Hizami was here last week. For the whole week. And I was so happy :)
We were on our way to Puteri Harbour when we discovered this one place, which is very cool.
Kampung Sungai Melayu, Nusajaya.
The people was super warm and friendly they treat us like family but unfortunately I felt a bit awkward since I was wearing short shorts with blouse. Short shorts and Malay village is a no-no.
Next time I will keep one modest comme il faut long pants in my car so this won't happen again in future.
So, the seafood there was good. And cheap. One medium sized siakap masak tiga rasa, kangkung goreng belacan, sotong goreng tepung, nasi putih, and of course, drinks for two = RM30.
Happy tummy! :D
Later we went to Puteri Harbour and met his old friend. Sounds like a very perfect day ain't it?
Told ya, I'm a fat girl who love creme brulee and frappuccino :)
But no cakes time, since I was still super full.
 2013 is the Year of Selfie. Mari meriahkannya.
My humble effort of middle-parting my hair.
(actually it should be - my humble effort in hiding my fat cheeks.)
My fringe has reach to its annoying length. Long enough that they cover my eyes but halfway through that they could reach my chin and cover my cheeks hehe.
2014 is coming closer. Where shall we go and celebrate?

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Assalamualaikum :)
"Sebenarnya, tiada siapa pun yang faham dengan kita, malah, diri kita sendiri pun tak faham diri sendiri. Yang faham, hanyalah Allah swt"
That two phrases keep on playing in my mind since last night.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Hobby

Assalamualaikum :) and Hello!
At first I'd like to make today as Rest Day since I have been working out every single day without failed.
But after I settled down my credit card payment this evening, I end up going to the gym.
Again :D
No intense cardio, just some weight lifting.
I still can feel my muscle sore due to yesterday's leg day.

Enjoying Friday night, the introvert way I guess.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Small, unexpected things are always the sweetest.
Thank you :)


Assalamualaikum :)
Woke up this morning with muscle sore all over my body. It's quite hard for me to lift my hands up but somehow I do love how it feels. I think, my current obsession would be Nikes and treadmill.
No more high heels and bodycon, atleast for this time being :D
I'm a happy girl!

Pesan Pesan

Assalamualaikum :)
Ayah selalu tekankan nilai kebaikan. Buat baik kepada semua tanpa mengharap sebarang balasan.
Kita kutip duri dari jalanan bukan saja sebab takut duri tu akan lukakan kita, tapi untuk orang lain yang berjalan di belakang kita juga.
Mungkin tiada siapa yang akan berterima kasih atas apa yang kita lakukan, tapi itu tidak mengurangkan walau sedikit pun erti kebaikan.
Apa kata kita terus berbuat baik kepada semua, bukan hanya terikat dengan memberi bantuan, tapi dengan cara memberi pujian pun, akan menggembirakan hati orang.
Kebaikan yang dibuat itu tak perlu ditayang atau diceritakan pada sesiapa.
Biarkan diri terus ikhlas, memberi dengan tangan disorok, dan biarkan hati terus bebas daripada perasaan berjasa.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Saja Update

So here comes December. December has been my second favorite month, next to March since like, forever :)
I love December mainly because it is winter at the northern atmosphere and I love winter stuffs especially Christmas tree and its decoration.
But when it is snowy up there, it is slightly cold here at the equator -
I mean, rainy season which leads to downpour.
And this year's flood could be the most tragic ever I guess.
So many people affected at the East Peninsular - they have to leave their house and move to the temporary shelter, with those little kids and babies, with lacking of alimentations, plus, school session is about to start in just a few weeks;
this is one great ultimatum for the people.
This is the right time for us to show that we care. If we could help the Indonesians during the earthquake and tsunami, of course we can do more here, in our own land.
Since the flood victims are in need, many of us made donations either financially or in material form. Both government bodies and the NGOs have played a good job in helping those needy hands.
But it could be greater if this help is not politicized.
A help is a help. A help should not come together with hidden agenda.
I'm not going to say much about this.
So, another reason why I love December is - Year End Sale
This year is my very first year as a working adult. And this year, too, I bought my very first car with my very own money.
Plus, this year, too, I involved in an accident which caused me to spend quite a lot on cab since I have no other car to go to work. What else?
Spending cash on this and that, on family, on travelling, on whatever it could be -
end up I have no savings for my own shopping splurge.
Very dreadful isn’t it?
JPO. Very close to my house. Very close until I can shop there every day; yes that close.
The only issue is ka-chingg :D
Talking about money, starting from this coming January, I have to manage my financial very carefully. Something big is about to happen next year and I have to be very independent to make it a success.
I hope, after five months from now I would read this post again to remind me how passionate I am right now and don’t give up because I want it to happen - so much.
Other than financial preparation, I need to lose weight too bhahah. Yes I’m a fatty who loves creme brulee and Frappuccino.
Thank God I have a very supportive boyfriend who encourage me to sign up membership with the nearest gym that I have here, very contradict to my mom who says tak payahla pegi pegi gym nanti sakit itu lah sakit ini lah - mama, my abdominal fats are very obvious I need to do something.
I love to run. I always do. I always love cardio activities, especially walking around shopping mall with shopping bags as the 'load' for my biceps and triceps. Very good exercise.
But somehow, I think I made a mistake when I exercise. Usually I went to the gym after having lunch at home, then running on treadmill and sweating and feel tired and happy because I think I have burn my fats. But actually I’m not. It is the glycogen that I am using, not my fat.
Glycogen is the main energy source for our body. When the glycogen is insufficient, then only our body burns our fats.
So, in order to burn fats, it is best to do workout in the morning - right after we wake up.
I have to start all over again.
Let's just hope every thing that we have planned will work well, InsyaAllah.
My 2014 resolution would be - getting married :)
Kita kembali ke Angkasapuri.

Thursday, December 5, 2013



Lately selalu update guna Dayre. Senang lagi mudah. Tak payah on laptop pun. Semua guna phone.

Sebab tu betri phone cepat je habis :)



Lately selalu update guna Dayre. Senang lagi mudah. Tak payah on laptop pun. Semua guna phone.

Sebab tu betri phone cepat je habis :)

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