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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Midnight Thoughts

Loving someone means trying to really understand them so that you can accept them for who they are and care about that person (not the person you imagine them to be). 
Listen to what they say. Pay attention to what they show you about themselves.
Too often, people turn away when their partners bring up thoughts or concerns that they don’t relate to, care about, or want to deal with.
They respond to the content of the conversation without understanding that they are also giving a message about their partner or their relationship.
Dismissive responses send the message that they don’t care about how you feel.
Caring is essential in any close relationship, its importance is frequently lost in the activity of our lives. To care about his/ her feeling doesn't necessarily means you have to give expensive gift.
To understand what are the things that could make he/ she feels insecure; for me is so much more.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Two Cents' Worth

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)
It's almost June. I'm not ready yet.
And I'm not going to say anything about it.
So now the Cadbury thingy are on the rage. I was surprised too of course since I am a chocolate lover. But not the one that comes with peanuts or any other nuts.
Because dark chocolate or milk chocolate are my best-loved.
Abruptly they found porcine in it and people becomes startled, carried away, super upset and angry *of course*.
And people started to make fun out of it, too.
Like, using Cadburry name as an alternate for cursing words, but that is not the issue.
People in Facebook says why must you bother about Haram issue, there's a lot of Muslims out there who drink beer, do obscene things and a lot more indecent things that are call in question to Islam's teaching, but when it comes to porcine, you guys really freaked out.
Oh boy this is one sensitive issue.
The thing is, we don't eat filthy grubby animal :) 
No offense for those who might be offended.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Prayers

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)
I was enervated and totally stale yesterday. Still, I have to work.
When I first started working after I finished my degree, I thought my job is plain sailing.
But then I realized this easy job has turned out to be one tough cookie - with hectic schedule and a lot of thinking, sometimes I feel like fcuk-it-all-I'm-off-to-bed.
So, talking about yesterday. I was tired. No mood. Having backpain. Bad hair day.
With fifty cholesterol test and 25 uric acid test, I can hardly take a lavatory trip because there was a long queue and everyone was waiting for their turn and was like observing closely to what I did with inquiring mind. Some people goes easy with their result, but some people, they would ask from A to Z; from how could it be, what makes the result turns out to be bad, what should they do, et cetera.
The drained Hanis regard them with every single diligence left in her soul, until this one Indian akka's came.
Akka : So what is actually uric acid my dear?
Me : Basically, uric acid is an end product of breakdown of purine in your blood. Means, purine is a substance that can be found in food. This purine produces uric acid that is carried in our blood, then passed to the kidney before being expelled through urinating. High uric acid comes with the risk of having gout, or for some people, they formed kidney stone as well.
Akka : Oh. But I don't have any family members who are having gout. Other than genetic factor, what are the things that caused me this?
Me : It is due to our diet too, for instance; purine-high diet. Purine high diet means, diet rich in meat, red meat, anchovies, beans, peas, mushroom. Second factor is alcohol.
Third factor is diuretic medications. Many other things can caused increase in uric acid like thyroid medication, psoriasis, and the one you said just now, genetic factor.
Akka : You recommend me to take this *showing supplement bottle* that can reduce my uric acid level?
Me : Yes. Because this *pointing to the bottle* is clinically proven to expell the excess uric acid in blood thus reducing uric acid level in your blood. Bla bla bla *I forgot what I said*
Akka : Oh, thank you ya miss. I will discuss with my husband first, then I will come back here to take this *very cliche*.
Me : Oh ok sure *to be honest I started to feel bored*
Akka : Thank you, may God bless you my dear. May God bless you *whispering*.
Me : *speechless*
It's a prayer.
I almost forgot. I have met so many people who really pray for me while doing this job.
Everytime when I feel low or when I was at the verge of knuckling under, this kind of thing will happen.
God reminds me of things that I sometimes didn't see through this people.
Few months ago, I was really on the low. Then I met this one pakcik.
I checked for his sugar level and he told me - 'Bagus anak buat kerja ni, tolong orang. Orang macam pakcik ni manalah nak tau benda-benda macam ni kalau tak ada orang yang tolong ajarkan.
Teruslah kerja, bantu orang. Mudah-mudahan Allah murahkan rezeki anak'.
That feeling, when somebody you don't know, pray for you.
Isn't it inspire you to do more?

Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm In Love

Dear You,
I am so in love with you. I still remember how I first met you. I still remember how I first touch your skin. Although you didn't say anything, but I know we were meant for each other.
My friend told me we both looks so cute together, and I really should have you my dear.
60% off, too bad this is not the right time for me to bring you home.
Please wait for me, and don't run into somebody else's arms.
*** I'm having sleepless nights after visiting Coach boutique with Wiki.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

These Few Days

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)
It's been a week. And it's time to go back home. For the past couple of years, Hello has always been an exciting word to say and Goodbye brings weep all the way down the cheeks.
Chin up, Hanis!
Last Monday I gave my very first speech during the P.A Conference. I thought it should be easy since I am a public speaker but I couldn't stop from being shaky.
 I even standing alone outside of the conference hall just to breathe easy.
Funny enough, people who walked pass by me said, next is your turn? Goodluck ya!
I wonder how come they knew?
When I first greet my audience with 'Assalamualaikum' and the restrained hall swiftly filled with bee-buzzing sound. Then this one P.A said - aiyaa I ingat you Cinaaa! Muka macam Cinaaa!
Well I guess that was a good start, maybe? At very least, I wasn't that nervous anymore.
But ultimately, the speech went well. There are some questions from the audience and I managed to answer them well, too.
Syukur alhamdulillah.
Dinner with love, before he off to Kuantan again :(
We went to Gaucho Cafe instead since it was already a bit late to go to Tony Roma's *I felt like having steak*
 Spaghetti Aglio Prawn.
 Hizami says we are literally eating a huge pile of meat. Chicken, beaf, lamb all together.
And of course, we both love this :) Kan Hizami?
I miss you.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend with Girlfriends

Assalamualaikum and Hello!
I straight away drove to Shah Alam soon after done my work at the Old Klang Road last Saturday. Feeling a bit grumpy since Hizami off to Kuantan but it all changed when I met my girls.
This weekend was fun, I must say.
But now, I have to focus on my presentation tomorrow.
Let me show some of the pictures that I took as an exchange for writing this super unpersevering entry.
Don't hate me :)
 Lunchie with Hizami at Nando's Citta Mall. Because he asked me to choose.
Jazz with the girls.
Ordered craberry-raspberry soda and juice for drinks and act like having big head the next morning - me and Wiki burst with sound be in stitches.

 Can you tell which one is my drink?

Good food for girly girls.

I block Lynette's face. Sorry Lynette.

 But Wiki comes to the rescue.

Thank you girls for having me. I really have fun.
Makan makan, chit chatting, redah jalan, salah jalan, jalan-jalan, live band, gelak-gelak, talk about life; I love them all.

Wiki took us to her rooftop. It was amazing.
Funny how a distance makes everything seems small. - Frozen.
Sekian laporan, kita nak study sekarang. Bye!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Salon Tips by Hanis. Not Really Tips.

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

Please excuse this lady, she's under hormonal influence.
It's been less than a week and now I am packing my stuffs back into my luggage to prepare for another outstation.
Not really an outstation, but more like going back to the office for annual conference next week.
Hanis is always on the go. Macam Astro.
Yesterday my P.A told me about her burnt-hair after rebonding.
It's not burnt like hangus terbakar but her hair turns coarse and zig zaggy at the tip, not like normal straight smooth rebond hair. I asked her why did she rebond her hair again when her hair is still looks fine (for me) it's only a bit curly at the base but can touch them up by using flat iron.
She told me, it's because she finds them aggravating to the max, so she went straight to her usual salon and the outcome turns fugly. Haha.
I asked her again, are you having period that time?
She said yes.
I'm not going to act like a pro or something but I have rebonded my hair since I was 18 years young due to my wild mane to a phase where I hardly control.
So macam biasa I have my own weird beliefs about hair and salon.
Based on my observation, and experience, ladies should not do anything to their hair during menstruation.
Lol? Because they won't turn out to be what you expected.
No scientific research ok, it is just my weird belief :D
Few years back, while I was studying in Shah Alam, I decided to do digital perm on my hair.
Even during the process, my hair doesn't curl like what they are supposed to look like.
So the hairdresser berhempas pulas sampai ketibas to twist my hair using the hot rollers and the chain reaction was just - meh.
 After four hours sitting till I can't feel my butt, finally the hair was done. But not like what I have pictured in my mind.
Then the next day I washed my hair (because my hairdresser told me I can wash my hair anytime) and surprisingly my hair turns out to be straight!
Super straight, no more curls!
My curls are out of the window and my 390bux digital permed hair gone down the drain in just one single wash.
Terror-stricken Hanis called up her hairdresser in nothing flat and he asked me to come back to the salon at Plaza Masalam to touch up my hair again.
At the salon I was extremely disgruntled I told him I don't want to put any heat spell on my hair anymore so please do anything that equals to my 390bux.
Just, anything.
So, he gave me the most upscale hair treatment they could offer, which I really love.
And that tragedy happened when I was having menses.
Second deplorable event was when I was preparing for job interview after graduation.
My fringe are still short that time. But the base has curled like almost 3 inches.
So I decided to rebond just my fringe. I went to my usual salon that I trust the most with my usual hairdresser and she already knew how to handle my hair.
Make it short, my hair burnt (just like my P.A).
The tip of my fringe burnt and there was nothing to do to amend them but - to chop it off.
I went back home with super horrific outlandish unnatural weird bangs.
Fashion people called it haute couture but I am just mediocre Hanis.

Something like this but unfortunately my face is as round as a plate.
There are still few salon visit during menses but does not involved heavy procedures *just wash and blow, curl blow, straight blow, in blow*.
No significant salon failed during that time but curling process using hairdryer took extra effort and time compared to curl-blow during normal days without menses.
So that is my weird belief on hair make.
But these days I hardly having happy-girl-salon-visit-time due to work loads. My hair is now longer too.
Thinking about having a shorter do, but too afraid of remorse.
Just, stick to this way.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oh Hai

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

Got the opportunity to donate while I was in Kluang few days ago. Hanis was delighted :)
I can't believe I am finally survive from the extremely tiring outstation week.
Now my body aching all over and still a bit feverish.
Honestly I did not really enjoy this trip since Lee wasn't there anymore.
Although we were like having this kind of love-hate relationship towards each other but at very least we still can talk about so many things together and share funny Youtube videos and sometimes sharing tips like how to make Agong picture on cash notes looks happy or sad. =.=
But when I look at the positive side, I am now more confident to speak in Chinese.
 Lee used to back me up before but now when he's no longer here, and no one can help me since PAs are all very busy so, nak tak nak I have to speak.
So far, all my Chinese customers can understand me, in fact, they thought I am really a Chinese. Lol?
Ok I'm off to work. Abg Zul texted me and I was like - *fliptable*

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dancing Fingers

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

Last couple of weeks was extremely fun. Managed to catch a cup of tea together with bff, went back to places where I used to stay before and see how things has totally changed.
Changes are inevitable somehow.

And this short escape gave me few stroke of luck to put on out-of-sight sparkler which almost took my breath away. Some of them do flicker like fire.
Oh boy. I am totally a rock and pearl kind of girl :)

But that is not the thing.

In the end of the day, he is the one who matters the most.
I have to state here, while I was cracking up with my bestie and saw him really scrutinized with his work, somehow I feel like - owhh *with smile*. Sorry for the poor rendition but I can't find the word for it.
Yeah, to see his enthusiasm about something he really love doing kind of makes me happy.

So now, I'm back to work. Going to have one hectic week over here in Melaka.
By the mean time, really have to remind myself here; I am so happy with my life.
Syukur alhamdulillah.
Of course there was ups and down, highs and lows; but I am blessed enough to have positive people around me.
Hanis being Hanis; I will always smile no matter what people say.
Kan Wiki kann? :)

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