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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mommy's Awful Singing

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)
Yesterday I spend my whole afternoon with my boys.
You know, doing motherhood things like play with them babies, pat them, and sing for them.
Sing for them - the part that I love the most.
I might not be a good singer nor have a pleasant voice to be heard *crying* but to see the boy's reaction when I sing is making me feel appreciated *crying again*.
I was singing "Let It Be" with those two boys sitting on my tummy.
Why Let It Be?
Because I was watching Glee. And they sang Let It Be.
Joe and HanChee looked fixedly on me as I sang the song; I don't know either they are saying :
A : Oh mommy sings like an angel.
B : Can't believe this human sounds shitty.
I assume the answer is A.
What say you? :)

Ready for Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)
Currently listening to : Girl From Ipanema by Stan Getz, Astrud Gilberto and Joao Gilberto
I told my girlfriend that I need to go out and buy myself a sejadah since mine is already worn out
(I have been using my old blue sejadah since secondary school)
 but she asked me don't buy, don't buy, I got plenty at home, I would give you some.
And I was like - Okkkk?
So we met and she passed me one huge paper bag, which was finely sealed till I couldn't even squint to see the colour of my new prayer mat.
After saying goodbye and hugs and kisses, the super excited Hanis got into her car and opened the paperbag.
Guess what, I cried; literally.
Although I can't explain how to literally cry but just imagine you got that intense feeling to cry but you can't because - you just can't.
Yea it's Hanis and her poor rendition once again.
Complete with Mathurat and tasbih. No one ever give me something like this.
(Except the Quran that I got for winning Kuiz Agama when I was in Darjah 4 =.=)
Thanks Jon. I really love you.
And I really want to be a better me.
Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa, everyone. May Allah bless us all.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Did I Ever Even Cross Your Mind?

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

This has always been my inspiration.
When I was feeling low (and lazy), I always told myself to finish my work then I can go to Japan
and see those cherryblossom.
Although it might sounds silly and unrealistic, but that is my inspiration until today.
And it works :)
Now the trick is to work really hard and bring to pass this wedding thingy,
then reward myself and my husband with a trip to Japan and have a kiss under the sakura tree.
How sweet is that?
But funny how I find myself crying when I think about cherryblossom tonight.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pengaruh Hormon

Assalamualaikum and Hello! :)
Minggu lepas, masa Hizami ada kat sini, dia tanya,
"Nak chocolate tak?"
"Nak makan cake?"
"Nak dessert?"
Semua tu saya jawab - "Tak nak."
Pelik sungguh padahal semua tu feveret Hanis. How could I say no?
Agaknya sebab PMS. Masa PMS, benda-benda yang memang disukai semua tu, terus jadi tak suka.
"You nak chocolate?"
"Tak nak lah"
"Kenapa tak nak?"
"I don't feel like having chocolate"
Amboi jawapan dia. Kalau dulu masa merajuk nangis-nangis, bila Hizami hulur je Ferrero Rocher yang dia beli kat 7E, muka emo terus jadi teruja,sengih-sengih sambil kesat airmata cakap terima kasih.
Tapi masa tengah PMS, tak pandang pun Ferrero Rocher.
Macam biasalah, masa PMS ni ada macam-macam drama swasta.
Tiba-tiba nak sedih. Tiba-tiba nak emo. Tiba-tiba nak rasa hopeless dengan diri sendiri.
Benda yang sebelum ni boleh jadi bahan lawak tak semestinya akan jadi lawak masa PMS.
Entah-entah boleh buat gaduh. Bahaya betul.
Bila jadi macam ni, Hizami beristighfar banyak-banyak.
Kesian Hizami, dia kena selalu alert bila perempuan ni nak period.
Dua hari lepas saya hantar Hizami pergi airport. Masa tu memang tahan airmata je sebab sedih nak tengok dia pergi.
Hizami ni pun satu. Time macam ni lah dia nak bagi ayat sweet sweet.
Hizami -
"Dah tak lama lagi kan kita nak kahwin? Lepas ni tiap-tiap pagi lepas bangun tidur, you akan nampak muka I."
Hanis -
Hizami -
"Sabar eh sayang. Tak lama je lagi."
Hanis -
Hizami -
"Ok jom lah, I nak masuk dah. You janganlah nangis. Anything just let me know."
Hanis -
Hanis kalau berdiri depan departure hall tu mesti nangis punya. Allergic tengok departure hall kah? Nasib baik Hizami tak layankan.
Kalau tak, mesti banjir airport tu dengan airmata kite. Eceh.
Kali ni lain sikit. Dia punya sedih tu terbawa-bawa sampai masuk dalam kereta. Sebab tu orang pandang.
Lepas tu boleh pulak bagitahu Hizami eh eh tadi ada lelaki pandang kite dari entrance sampailah kite masuk dalam kereta.
Takut gila kite.
Padahal orang tu pelik tengok perempuan keluar airport dengan hidung berhingus mata berair.
Masa drive pun sedih lagi. Dengar pulak Lite FM.
Ditambah lagi dengan PMS. Sedih berbakul-bakul.

Sekarang ni pun nak sedih juga ni. Sebab rindu.
Tadi saja je cakap kat mama,
"Kite rindu kat Hizami."
Mama cakap -
"Allah, dulu mama dengan ayah kamu lagi lah setahun tak jumpa.
Tak kisah pun nak rindu-rindu. Last-last kawin jugak."
And my awesome nenek replied -
"Sebab tak jumpa la tak rinduuu. Ni selalu jumpa, bila takde depan mata memanglah rindu."
Amboi nenek. Nenek saja yang memahami jiwa kacau kite ni.
I love you nenek.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Liquid Diamond

He asked me through Whatsapp,
"Other than Flowebomb, perfume apa lagi yang you minat?"
And I was like -
"Narcisso Rodriguez For Her?"
Hizami -
"Tak ada. Next?"
Me -
"Lancome La Vie Est Belle?"
Hizami -
"Other than that?"
Me -
"Cuba you send pic to me so I can choose"
Hizami -
"Ok jap"
*Pic sent*
Me -
"Dolceeeee nak dolceeee please please pleaseeee"
Problem solved. Thank you Hizami for this perfume.
Now I am addicted to myself. *sniff sniff*
I smell so 'pretty'.

Roost Juice+Bar, JB

Assalamualaikum and Hello! :)
Hizami was here last week. That means, no curfew for Hanis yeayy!
So during that Saturday night, we took a stroll along Bazar Karat area, looking for Roost Juice+Bar. Honestly I have been reading about this makan makan place for quite some time, it's just that I don't have the perfect partner to go with.
Hizami is the most perfect one.

Roost Juice+Bar is located just a few minutes walk from Jalan Bukit Timbalan or Jalan Trus, at the same row with It Roo and Psychedelic Store.
While walking down the street, you can see there's a lot of hipster boutiques, cafes and mostly all of them are vintage-themed.  

The price was OK too. Not that pricey after all.
Give me one Heineken Mango Tango please.

Seriously, Mango Tango in a pail. It feels a bit weird tho.
Or was it supposed to be eccentric so people would nail down this place?


Very cute, ain't it?
It's like one of those tiny pail that you bring to the beach and play sand castle.

 Mango Tango for me and Relaxer for Hizami.



Crunchy Squid.
A bit overcooked, maybe.

A bucket of mini hashbrown and Takoyaki.
Takoyaki was great. Very soft and sweet and Hizami really loves them.

The rustic ambiance is a bit different from the normal cafes that I used to go.

Some of the antiques that they display on an old display cabinet near the staircase.
My parents are going to love them when they see all of the timeworn pieces.

Staircase to first floor. It is a bit steep, very old and narrow.
Frankly I was a bit scared when I went up on this staircase.
Feels like they almost conk out but they don't.

I played with this old telephone while waiting for the food tapi Hizami tak layan :D

I think this place is somehow a very cool place to hang out and chill with friends *they provide smoking area as well at the terrace*.
I'm going to bring my parents here someday :)
Roost Juice Bar
9, Jalan Dhoby,
80000 Johor Bahru.
Business hour : Mon - Sat : 12pm - 4pm, 6pm - 12am, Sun : 6pm - 12am.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Assalamualaikum and Hello :)
My life is literally so undisturbed these few days. Just stay home, doing work from home, no outstation, no phone calls from the office, me likey.
I spend my days writing my article in my unglamorous baju tidur and bedak tanaka on my face sambil dengar Lite FM. Lol.
Earlier this morning I went to service centre for Coconut's 30k mileage major service.
I was the first client for today I guess; since my car was the first one who got into the bay.
Yeah, it was 8am in the morning =.=
Total damage for 30k service - RM450.29 tunaiiii swipeeee.
Hizami might hit the ceiling if he knows I swipe my card (now he already knew) but most of the time sometimes that one single card could save us.
Or help us to feel better and tickled pink.
I've told you, I love wearing white. Don't ask me why.
Last night I got this acute craving for durian crepe.
I don't know why on earth I suddenly felt that way *sugar craving*. I was in a deep sleep
but bang; the pine for durian crepe was genuinely profound they put me in front of my
laptop at 3am while most of the Malaysians are all asleep (except Hizami and his boys).
I googled 'durian crepe jb', 'durian crepe johor', 'mana nak dapat durian crepe' and all those
 absurd keywords but most of them take orders, you can't get them straight away from those tiny booths in the mall or small cakehouse from the kedai-kedai;
I was devastated.

And tonight, I am still crave for durian crepe.
I'm in torment.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Affair

Assalamualaikum and Hello! :)
As the title goes, yes I am having an affair with the cutest pharmacist in town
*but I still love you Hizami*.
We have been together since our first day in campus, like almost amazing six years together, through thick and thin, rich and poor, laughter and cries, name it all.
And after numerous plans for a date, we finally succeeded to met each other.
See how tight our schedule is.
I should type more but the thing is, I am too tired I need to catch up with my beauty sleep and I have to wake up early tomorrow to go to the hospital.
So, I would just reveal who is my scandal for this scandalicious Sunday without any delay.
Here she is, Jon!

True friendship will never die. We may change. We may drift apart. We may not talk everyday.
But we know we can always call on one another.
Me love you Jon!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nothing Much

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)
I found this old denim shirt at the very bottom part of my trunk.
It is denim, with studs on the pocket and collar (I glued them on by myself) and I still remember I wore this shirt when I was having lunch with Hizami at Tupai-Tupai years ago.
It is kind of KLMJ :D

I'm having an appointment with Abg Zul later in this evening.
But somehow I'm a bit clueless on what should I say to him.
Maybe now I should do some homework so that I can turn every picture in my head into coherent words that people would understand.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cupboard Mission

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)
Playing : Love Never Felt So Good, Micheal Jackson.
Please excuse my bare face. And my cat.
*ehem* Imaginary.
I realized that I have plenty of white shirts while cleaning my wardrobe last few days.
And some of them are still very new; ada yang belum pernah pakai lagi.
I don't know, I guess I have a thing for white shirt or maybe I have grown to love achromatic outfit recently.
Anddd I have to admit that I haven't really invest in a good pair of trousers.
This has a lot to do with my obsession for shorts, skirts and dresses - blame them.
My forever loyal long pants are only two : One is from Uniqlo and another one is from H&M.
That's all.
Oh another one that I wear for work is from Padini *I wear skirt too for work*.
So you can conclude that I only have three pairs of trousers; the rest are all shorts, skirts and dresses.  
During my wardrobe-cleaning-process, I realized that I have to start to curate and trim down the size of my closet; so I only keep those items that I would definitely wear and not to be a hoarder.
(Most of my pre-loved goes to the poverty-stricken family who lived in Senai area)
A hoarder - I have so many clothes I almost burst my wardrobe because back then I used to buy cheap things; the more I buy the happier I would be - as long as they looked good and fits my budget, I just bought them without further thinking.
In the end of the day I don't really wear them all.
Pure consumerisme?
Remembering this makes me want to bang my head on the wall.
Today I want the things in my wardrobe to compliment each other so I won't have problems to match this shirt with what or this skirt with what top.
And this, too, means I have to allocate my money strategically on quality, not merely on quantity.
Not just spending more.
That is one big task to do.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Car Park Story

Assalamualaikum, good morning!
Last fortnight I was at Taman Tampoi Indah, searching for cholesterol strips in my car boot when suddenly I was approached by an unknown man from my back, asking for money.
"Amoi lu ada duit ka? Bagi duit la amoi."
It was an open carpark, with one mamak restaurant just about 10 metres away from my car but the view was blocked by bougainvilleas and there was no one around near me.
That man told me he is a Singaporean, just got robbed and lost his wallet, his phone, no money at all and he asked for RM20 so he can take public transport and go to the police station.
I didn't say a word but I walked with super duper vigilant, I kept my handbag in my car boot and quickly lock my car, tried not to lose eye contact with the man
(just in case if he saw I was being nonchalant and took the opportunity to harm me),
I walked till the road junction and he kept bugging me for money and when I realized people
having breakfast at the mamak are rubbernecking on me, I said "Go away I can't help" to that man.
He was like - took a glimpse of people at the back and quickly ran away.
And Hanis got her knees shaking like ohh la la :D
Silly, I wasn't dance. I was scared to death but acting like I'm not.
The only thing I can use if he harm me was pink pepper spray in my pocket that boyfie gave me.
Or steering lock that I put below my car seat.
With that old, unkempt shirt and bermuda that he was wearing, I don't think that
he was just being ripped off.
But thank God I was left unharmed.
Oh, in this post I mentioned about making our money looks happy or sad.
I learned this trick from Xiaxue's Guide To Life video lol.
 One happy man he is.

Being all grumpy.
Have a good day, everyone!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Of Wedding Dress and Recovered Skin

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)
How time flies, I still remember how sad I was; spending New Year's Eve alone in my room.
Few years ago I made a post about my dream wedding dress (in my old blogspot).
I did explained how I love small delicate details like wrists button and french lace and lace veil;
well, I was so into Bella Swan's wedding dress that time.
Unfortunately, few years later *which is today* I am still crazy about the dress.
I am not sure about what the elders are going to say since it is not a traditional Malay wedding outfit but mom, your daughter is an out-an-out minimalist; she hates heavy beadings and fussy patterns and doesn't want to look like a Christmas tree on her dais.
Plus, bright screaming color is a no-no.
Ok put an end to that point.
Last February I  made known about how I managed to cure my pimply skin, here.
To be honest, I took the medication for only two weeks when I found out there was no more zits coming out
(prolonged use of antibiotic can cause diarrhea and many other IBS symptoms since they kills all the good and bad bacteria).
But after four months, now I started taking Tidact Clindamyacin once every two days;
thanks to the sudden popping of small pimple on my forehead =.=''
Nothing serious, I think it might due to my bad habit of not to clean my face first every time I come back home from work. 
Other than that, my skincare routine includes using papaya soap as cleanser and BioEssense Tanaka White Serum which both are extremely helpful in my skin healing process
 (serum helps to reduce my dark spots).
I totally quit using day cream or night cream or toner since my skin is super sensitive - my skin shows sign of inflammation and became mad oily after using those three.
Well I think all that I have to do now is to maintain everything :D

Ultimately, I'm a happy girl!

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