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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Time of the Month

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)
Few signs showing menses are getting closer :
Humongous pimple popping out - favorite spots are on my chin.
Feeling extremely fatigue - Even if I didn't do anything.
Bloated. Thank you.
Back ache.
Mood swing - Terrible one.
I really appreciate comfort food during PMS or during menses.
So, just give me that ice cream. Don't ask me if I want it or not.
Give me! Huarghhhhhh! Rawrr!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Wordy Post

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)
Seems like I didn't really focus on updating this blog. Not because of time limitation, but mainly because I can't do so - I just can't.
I got plenty of time recently but yet; I can't feed this blog.
So here we go. Some updates on what is going on with Hanis and her surroundings.
1. I hate to put this as number one but I can't think about anything else. Which is, work.
Few weeks ago my life was appalling. I got one long fat list of deadlines and all of them involves research. Research. Research. Research until my eyes turns squinty. Literally.
I have to handle this one new product development, prepare the detailing kit, the research, the mechanism, belive me I got few sleepless nights just because of that one single thing.
Other than that, I was given a task to give speech to the public, which I guess quite easy but actually they are not. And so much more.
I am very contented to talk or to speak by using medical terms because they are very precise; like hypercholesterolemia - we all know it is a condition where your cholesterol level exceeds 6 mg/dl. But somehow, when I have to give a talk to a group of people who does not have medical background or they dont have any idea on what I say, then I have to use layman terms.
Which is quite difficult for me though.
I can literally see huge question mark popping out of the audience head when I used all those medical terms.
So, yeah.
Next thing about work is, travelling. No heavy travelling so far but they are all very challenging.
I totally rely on my waze application.
I don't know where on earth they carried me or which route that I got on to; as long as I am safely arrived on time.
Basically all those things really caused solicitude on me. Like I mentioned before, I got sleepless nights just thinking about what will happen tomorrow.
Those are exceptionally very tiring.
2. My precious HanChee is with me. I am now doing matronly chores like washing dirty clothes every morning, every night, my rooms smells like softlan everyday,
I bought cucumbers every two days, I found that my cucumbers that I bought last night was not in the fridge anymore so I went out to buy cucumbers again,
I sang lullaby for HanChee eventhough it sounds terrible, and I spend
so many hours to clean his poop.
3. Another thing that I love is, after one long week at the office and stuffs, I can spend my weekend with my girls.
Doing simple things like makan makan or tengok tv or test makeup and gossipping together; me like it :)
4. If I were asked to depict my life using a graph, I would say it will look like one bloody serious stock exchange blueprint. So many ups and downs.
Workloads, emotional things, PMS, and so many other influences can bring me down.
But my man he is always there to keep me back on track.
 Like he knew every details that I was thinking about in my head. :)
He is peerless.
5. Let's go and choose colours for our new home, Hizami!
Till then, buh bye.
Random : No wonder JB town looks extra colorful and with Johore flags everywhere since last month.
Someone is getting married :D

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Little Something

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

I brought this big boy out for a morning walk last Saturday; just walking around the park and let him to explore the surroundings.
He was like - very observant. Just like me :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mac Tres Cheek : Modern Mandarin

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

Besides Ruby Woo, I am currently in love with my new shades of blusher. It is called Modern Mandarin, I bought together with my Ruby Woo.

Major love the color. It comes with satin finish, subtle shimmer with brilliant orangey-peachy color, really warm and suits my skin tone very well. I love how pretty the color is when applied on my cheeks, they are very wearable - from day to night.

One thing about this tres cheek is, the color is highly pigmented especially on fair skin. So I need to use a very light hand when I do the blending thing and just a couple of brush would do. Plus, the color stays on my skin up to 7 hours after application (without retouching).

Love them so much! Worth every penny spent.

Wearing thin face powder with Modern Mandarin. And a dap of tinted lipgloss.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Ruby Woo

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)
I have been contempating about Ruby Woo for months. I repeatedly search them in Instagram, in Pinterest, in blogs and I can't stop admiring the matte deep blue red color.
As I am a bit afraid to put on red color on my lips but at the same time I do love red-lip-looks, maybe that is the reason why I took months to made up my mind.
But somehow, I have it now! Yeayy!
No more contemplating.


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