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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Assalamualaikum and hello ;)

I am now at the pharmacy. But I am so bored I googled everything that came across my head till my internet data mei you anymore. 

How I wish there is unlimited data plan with super cheap monthly payment so I could online-ing all day/night long. 

Or is it too much? 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Short and Sweet

Assalamualaikum and Hello! :)
I'm thinking about 'mint green' as bridesmaid outfit theme.
Really love the colour and I can imagine my girls looks so pretty in it.

But in a more decent way, of course.
There was a brief talking session with ayah while I was watching Baazigar *yes, Bollywood movie*.
Basically, ayah apologize for not be able to do things that he supposed to do. 
No worries ayah, I am all good. All I need is your never ending prayer(s)

Macam tak biasa.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


This time I m not going to tell you a story.
 I'll just say that insanity is the inability to communicate your ideas.
It's as if you were in a foreign country, able to see and understand everything that's going on around
you but incapable of explaining what you need to know or of being helped,
because you don't understand the language they speak there.

- Paulo Coelho

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sneak Peek

Did I mentioned DIY-ing flowers in the previous entry?


Assalamualaikum and Hello! :)
It is now almost to the end of February. Few months to go *for the big day* and I am now currently doing makcik-makcik activities like DIY-ing flowers and acu-acu warna kain for my bridesmaids.
Very makcik, I know. But doing all those things really makes me happyyy *innocent face*
Wiki, Kalash, Fyra, Suraya, and of course my dear Jon are going to be my bridesmaids, insyaAllah.

"Allahumma yassir wala tu'assir. Rabbi tammim bilkhoir.
Birohmatikaya Arhamarrohimin."

Ya Allah Permudahkanlah, Jangan Dipersulitkan dan Kau Akhirkanlah dengan Kebaikan.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Health Update

Assalamualaikum :)
Second blood test shows normal reading for thyroid hormone; so it's not about my thyroid.
Doctor at the government clinic told me  ,
Sometimes severe stress can lead to palpitation as well, making you suddenly feel cold, hair falls, weak, lethargy; so tell me do you have any problem with your family or problem at workplace or in your personal relationship?
I dare not to confess but I guess she knew it is about stress.
The doctor told me again ,
Whenever you feel stress out because of any issue, just think about something else that would make you happy. Ok?
Exactly the same as what boyfie told me before.
So end up I have to live with propranolol hydrochloride 40mg for couple of weeks.
Thank you boyfie for being there with me at my lowest point and I'm sorry you have to see my ugly crying face.
Throughout my healing process, I did everything that makes me happy - DIYing bunga tisu, decorating my chocolate basket, color my nails and took them off again and again, curling my hair, watching Maharaja Lawak Mega too, cycling hard at the gym,
lifting barbell can be considered as well, cheat on my diet *I ate one cup of custard pudding that I crave again until today*, and now I'm looking for spa treatment pulak.
Maybe body massage and lulur and meni pedi arghh I need them all!
I want to be the happy Hanis once again :)
In case you forget my face :3

Eh! Ada Review : TIDACT Clindamycin 150mg

Assalamualaikum and Hello!
In the previous entry I stated there that I managed to escape to Jon's place at Sedili. FYI, Jon's daddy is a pharmacist. The very first thing he said when he saw me was - Eyyy Fida ngko asik bercinta aje eh? Apsal muka naik jerawat? Nanti pergi farmasi, beli Tidact Clindamyacin 150mg, cuci muka guna pencuci yang mild je.
I was like - dammnn macam mana uncle ni boleh terus tau ubat mana yang nak kena makan?
Of coz lah, he's a pharmacist. =___=''
To be honest, my skin was really bad in early 2013. Even my PAs was very concern about me.
Then I switched into Clinelle and after a few months all of my pimples suddenly gone, just leaving dark spots which I hate the most.
But on January 2014 I got one or two pimples on my cheek yang ayah Jon terus dapat detect tu.
So after my escapism *giggles : Hizami* I went straight to the pharmacy and look for Tidact capsule.
Here's the photo.
Tidact Clindamycin HCL 150mg I bought at RM8 for ten capsules.
I took this capsule every night before I go to bed. The next morning I would find my zits become less swollen and slowly gone but the best thing is no new zits after that. *this Tidact is an antibiotic that inhibit bacterial protein synthesis or heals infection on your skin; that is why my skin is pimple-free up until today - except during menses lah*
Oh I should state here that I consume this Tidact Clindamyacin BEFORE I started using Lactoferrin; which I think is great for post-acne treatment. *review kemudian*
So for my adik-adik yang pening fikir macam mana nak cure your pimples, I  would recommend you this :)
Thank you ayah Jon!

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