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Sunday, January 31, 2016

That Pregnancy Glow

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

Yesterday was Saturday. And it was my working day. Yup yup, big momma got to work on Saturday. But just for a while. 

I was greeted warmly by my PA and the other staffs in PJ, saying chou san leng lui all the way. Lol. 

I guess they are all just being nice and friendly to me, since I was there to help them, while carrying this precious baby inside me. 

One of the Chinese staff said something to me in Chinese; like 'are you a chinese or malay girl? Because nowadays there is a lot of malay girls who looks like chinese"

I laughed and told her that I am a Malay mui. 

This is nothing new to me. I am (still) often mistaken as Chinese. Though I'm not sure which part of me that makes me looks like it; since I got a little tanner now.  

Got to say genetics. I am a Tang, remember? :) 

So, about the glow. Recently I received a lot of compliments, telling how glowing I am. Got to thank my hormones. Thank you hormones! 

I realised that my hair is now super shiny and long, I love how my curls bounce, my face looks pinkish without any make ups, and my obsession towards beauty and make up thingy is going wilddd. Yah, my current fav item is lip creme in all shades of nude. My my. 

Is this a sign?

Sephora is having their Nude theme promotion in stores. 


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Zam Being Zam

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

After we had our dinner at Gyu-Kaku Tropicana last night, le hubs decided to get something to satisfy his sweet tooth (again, after he already had his black sesame ice cream). 

So we walked around and find Baskin Robbins just outside of Gyu-Kaku. 

Le hubs : You nak ice cream?
Me : Tak nak, I kenyang gila. Tak larat dah nak makan.

So he asked for a cone single scoop. 

The BR staff handed the ice cream to him and while he was walking to the counter, he stopped again and nak rasa flavor lain pulak, without taking care of the ice cream on his hand. 

And suddenly, 

It fell from the cone. 

We both looked at each other. 

The BR staff looked at him. 

It was awkward. 

He looked at me, I looked at the BR staff, the BR staff looked at him.

But then we both bursts into laugh. 

My husband is so clumsy. Sejak dulu lagi. Sejak zaman langgar tong masa berjalan. Sejak zaman jatuhkan icecream McD lagi. He is funny.

Luckily the BR staff offered to refill his icecream cone again. 

Our baby might be laughing too if he saw his daddy last night I guess. 


Monday, January 18, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

Self reward? 


Saturday, January 16, 2016


I'm a working momma! 

Last night le GM took us all for dinner at TGIF. I can't resist that tempting lamb shoulder steak (my second lamb steak this week) and everyone at the table constantly making sure that I got mine well-done lol. Anddd no soft drinks for this lady please, plain water would do. Pffft. Haha. 

I leave the place not long after I finished my chocolate lava cake, and escape myself from any unwanted event since everyone was started to have beers. Pity to my superior; she ordered one huge glass of beer but she put her drinks on the other table maybe because she felt a bit reluctant to drink in front of me. 

But then, that tiring kickoff meeting during the day was totally paid off with good meals. Both mommy and baby were happy and full, before we felt hungry again and had nasi lemak 223 at 3.30am :) 


Sunday, January 10, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

I heard this song last night; in the car; when me and my husband was out for dinner. 

But it was in keroncong tune. Weird enough? 

I love the original version thousand times more. I always love this song. Both the music and singer are equally captivating. 

I love the lyrics. It was beautifully written and somehow it touches me a lot. Nope, it got nothing to do with my past, but it reminds me a lot about my reverie/ illusion of how a relationship should be and how I want it to be. 

And now i have a man that I called as husband for me to love. 

I love him. 


Saturday, January 9, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Hello :) 

Happy 2016! 

Me and danna was at PPUM on the 2016 eve. It was me; who had some bleeding that night. I dont know why it happened but syukur alhamdulillah everything was fine and both mommy and the little ones were safe :)

I hope I will get stronger this year, as there are so many things that will take place and I am very positive that they will take toll on me- emotionally, physically, mentally. 

There are few major things that will occur; that I have no control at all and the only thing that i can do is - doa. 

And at the same time, i need support and motivation too. Sometimes I felt like breaking down and hopeless, and the only thing that I need is some good words and motivation. Whenever i need those two, i will think about my mom. I need her so badly right now. 


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