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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

An Ignorant Lady

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

There is one lady in this office building that I might say as ‘sombong’. Yea sombong. Not friendly, even when I was asking for help – she would help macam tak ikhlas, all the time. 
Oh well. But I don’t really mind.

One morning I was checking my consignments and she; surprisingly seems VERY friendly. Super friendly.

Friendly like; oh hi how are you today, beli apa tu, you pakai perfume ape ni I love it, bla bla bla..

And I was awkward. I don’t know how to react. 
In my mind I was thinking – eh wait is she talking to me or someone else, kena rasuk jadi baik ke perempuan ni, ni nak jawab acah acah sombong balik ke nak jadi nice; but of course I treated her nicely walaupun before this dia sombong nak mati.

Let me just call her Miss X.

Miss X: You nak tengok lipstick tak? I ada jual, dengan perfume sekali.
Me: Lipstick? What lipstick?
Miss X: Ada few brands la, jom let me show you.
Me: Now? Boleh ke?
Miss X: Bolehhhh (grab my hand to the mail room)
Me: Danggg dia ni baik bersebab ke. Baik sebab nak promote bisnes.

She showed me some of the lip color that she got, all fake items if you ask me. 
Alah macam mekap murah murah yang orang jual kat booth kecik-kecik tu.

I’m not using fake products.
While going thru (acah acah interested) the lipsticks, I imagined sore lips and redness and itchiness if I use them.

Miss X: You nak tak? I jual 1 RM15 je.
Me: Yea.. I’m taking this one (picking up one lipcolor, randomly. Just because I want to escape from the awkwardness).
Miss X: Oh nice.. You nak tengok warna warna lain tak.
Me: Ehh takpe takpe. I memang cari warna ni pun by the way. So, I’ll take this one.
Miss X: (Happily) Ohh thank you. Thank you so much!

I could be mean or ignorant back to her and treat her like how she treated me before. But I chose to be nice like nothing happened. 

I got all the power to decline her offer and say something didn't nice but I chose to maintain my poise and be good to her.

It is because, just because you can, it doesn't mean that you have to.

And at least, I support her business and put a smile on her face that day.

I wish her success in everything she do. 

Ps: Some might be asking what am I going to do with the fake lip color that I bought. 
Well, I will use them in my paintings. 
Serious. No joke.

Pss: I am a NARS girl and they have the best lipstick everrr.

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