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Assalamualaikum and Hello This time I will write in Malay; so, Malay it is! “Akak ada breast cancer, stage 3 dah..” “Tahun lepas...

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Year Two

Happy second wedding anniversary, sayang.

I am so proud to be your wife. 

I love you and will always be. 

Awak nak pergi umrah naik motor ni? 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Braces: Tooth Extraction

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

I’m a braces girl for a month now (yeayyy). Well, i can definitely see some changes, despite the pain and discomforts that it brings.

Soft pink for the first month. 

The most prominent part is my front teeth is now aligned. They used to be slightly overlapped; like one was a bit high and one was normal. From frontal view my teeth may seems normal but from lateral view you may see this one front teeth macam senget ke atas.

But not anymore. They are perfectly aligned right now and I am thankful for that.

My orthodontic treatment started on the 13th October 2016. Before that I went for teeth scaling and x-ray first then only my dentist put this metal wires on. To tell you the truth, the whole procedure was painless. 

Yup, I didn’t feel any pain at all when she glued the whole brackets and tie wires with elastic bands; no pain, just slight discomfort because I need to keep my mouth open for quite some times.

I only felt the pain when I reached home and danggg I can’t even close my mouth properly. It was like the upper and lower teeth cannot even touch each other and my gums were sore. One thing that I noticed too was I produced a lot; lotsss of saliva. It was because the brain thought there were foods inside my mouth so the brain send signals to the salivary gland to produce saliva and digest those foods. 
It was braces, brain; not food. This continues to happen for a week before my whole system can finally getting used to this new introduction thingy.

For the first couple of weeks I skipped mastication process and only rely on soft foods like bubur nasi or nestum or mushroom soups. And I lost 3kgs.

Now after four weeks, I came back to the dental clinic for tooth extraction. Yea, some orthodontist prefer tooth extraction before putting on braces but mine prefer tooth extraction after putting braces on. 
The reason why? Because teeth starts to loosen few weeks after braces installation and that makes extraction process easier. Cool?

So in my case, I need to extract four teeth. Four strong, healthy teeth needs to be taken out.

I decided to take it nice and slow – one tooth per visit instead of taking out four teeth in one go; merely because the idea of taking teeth out from my gums makes me jittery that’s all.  
Yesterday was the day. I was nervous like out-of-this-world punya nervous. 
And just for the record, I drove to the clinic all alone; me myself and I; no one was with me; but Him. Well I think I deserve a pat on my shoulder for that brave act, isn’t it?

So the nurse called out my name. HANIS. Yes, nurse!
I came in and I took a glimpse at the dentist. Oh my, it was a male dentist. Should I postponed my appointment? Because I’m afraid of male dentist. My mind-set all these years was dentist equals to painful, terrifying experience and male dentists double that equation.

I nervously said hi and act cool by asking which teeth are you going to extract, doc? He explains this and that, dos and don’ts very calmly and slowly like he can smell my nervousness.
And to cut it short, he gave me two shots of local anesthesia and few seconds later my mouth was numb and that was when he took out my premolar. Tak sampai seminit pun dah tertanggal. Easy?

But bloods was going cray cray.

Dah ke, doc?

Dah, dah. Siap, tu gigi awak atas tray. Lepas ni gigit je kapas jangan kumur jangan makan makanan panas-panas jangan bla bla bla bla~

He didn’t noticed that I was having a sentimental moment with my teeth yang dah kena cabut tu. Thank you gigi sebab teman kita selama ni. You have done a wonderful job, my gigi.

I went out from the treatment room and pay some cash and straight away go back home.
No pain. Even after six hours, I didn’t felt any pain. Even after 12 hours, still no pain.

So I can conclude that tooth extraction procedure is not painful at all.
But that doesn’t change my mind. I still prefer to extract my teeth one by one walaupun cabut gigi ni tak sakit pun.

Next appointment will be this week; to extract my right lower premolar.  

Wish me luck, people! 


Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

Random photo from my gallery.

A friend told me about a new condominium in Serdang that they open for sale for a dirt cheap price. It sounds very tempting, super cheap that I was interested at first. But then, nah, not going to give it yes.

"You can just buy it for property purpose maa.. no need to stay there at all. Or you can rent it to other tenant"

Still, no-go.

I love my current house so much and maybe I will consider for another property, especially a duplex; but not for this time being.

Hazeeq's update: His paed Dr Syed told me that I can start feed him with solid food anytime soon. How time flies. He's a big guy now and doing great. Mommy and daddy love you so much, son. Your laughter and smile makes me happy. I literally forget about the world when I have you in my arms. You are my world now.
Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

Because when we travel, we travel in style.

Pictures taken while we were at the Departure Hall KLIA. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

New Spectacle, Finally

Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

Yesss finally I made up my mind! After six loyal years with my humble spectacle, I finally go out and buy a new one for me.

My old spectacle has been with me since my final year in the university and the husband has told me soooo many times that it is about time to go for a change. But lazy Hanis procastinate a lot and I think the old one still can be use so I keep on using it.

Until recently I got a serious light headedness and vertigo and my mom assume that could probably related to my vision.

Mungkin juga, because the last time I went for refraction test was, well, six years ago.

And yesterday I picked up my son and my mom and we went out for spec-hunting! Look at how adamant I was.

Cut it short, yup DV OD OS has went higher and that means the lenses might be thicker. But the hardest thing was- choosing the right frame for my face. Sigh.

I have a wide, round face and I cant go for huge round frames that are currently in trend. Nope, not going to be a fashion victim I am. But yah, retro frames are so in right now, you know, k-pop kind of style.

So, I finally decided to go with this:

This is the best that I could find lol. 

Bought at Whoosh Optical, and it can be done in only 30 minutes. How cool is that?


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